What the economic benefits to the community?

Wind energy development provides a number of economic benefits to the communities in which the projects are located.  Some of the major benefits are:

  • Tax Revenue – Critical funding will be made available for the community through sales, production, and property taxes, which helps to pay for such items as schools, police, firefighters, etc.
  • Employment – The average wind farm will create somewhere between 150 – 200 jobs during construction and between 10 – 15 good paying permanent jobs over the life of the project.  These workers will demand additional goods and services within the community which will spur further job growth.
  • Local Consumption – Both during construction and the lifetime of a wind farm, there are considerable ($ millions) goods and services purchased in the community, which in turn allows local businesses to expand.
  • Landowner Revenue – Revenues paid to landowners for leasing of property allows the individuals to diversify income sources and continue to successfully operate agricultural operations.